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Chemical and Biological Protective Apparel

LANX Fabric Systems is currently accepting orders from military organizations, law enforcement, EMS, hospital caregivers, fire departments and any federal, state, or local governments, emergency agencies or first responders. In addition, we accept orders from certain businesses, news agencies and public utilities personnel tasked with maintaining critical infrastructure facilities and services. We certainly appreciate your visit to our web site and look forward to being of service to you.

LANX Fabric Systems comprise a family of NBC products that are absorbent, durable, air permeable, user comfortable and can be fire resistant, as required. The base adsorption technology is polymerically encapsulated activated carbon, a new and unique technology which provides extremely uniform carbon distribution and chemical protection.

A key distinguishing feature of LANX fabrics is their tailorable stretch, which results in good fit and user comfort.

A second feature of LANX fabrics is their moisture transport qualities. LANX fabrics are constructed to be air permeable and to promote evaporative cooling, which reduces heat stress.

Product Line:

The LANX Fabric Systems product line can meet the demanding NBC protection required for today's and tomorrow's soldiers. Breathable, chemically adsorbent fabrics are available for a variety of applications and needs, including undergarments, overgarments, duty uniforms, gloves and boot liners.

OSHA Regulation 1910.132

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