Lanx Fabric Undergarments



Chemical Protective Undergarments (CPU)
from the LANX family of Quality Fabrics

  • The only CPU authorized for use by the United States Military based on the JSLIST test program.
  • Made to military specification MIL-U-44435.
  • Outstanding vapor and aerosol protection.
  • Stretchable for user comfort and good fit.
  • Enhances flash fire protection.
  • Tactically sound and logistically practical.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good for 10 launderings when laundered as directed.
  • Minimum Fourteen (14) Year shelf life when stored under normal indoor warehouse conditions.
  • Versatility of end uses and applications.

Product Description:

The LANX Type I Fabric Chemical Protective Undergarment is manufactured with a durable composite fabric containing polymerically encapsulated carbon for the adsorption of chemical warfare agents. Originally designed in 1991 for the United States Special Forces, LANX I is the only fabric approved for chemical protective undergarments (CPU) by the U.S. Military based on the Joint Services Light Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) test program. Our current product line also includes, overgarments, hoods, gloves and boot liners.

LANX I fabric features excellent air permeability promoting evaporative cooling, consequently reducing heat stress. LANX I fabric also possesses unique stretch characteristics providing exceptional mobility and comfort. The polymerically encapsulated carbon prevents sweat poisoning and maximizes the adsorbent's performance. Tests of LANX fabric performed in conjunction with a fire resistant overgarment on DuPont's "Thermo-Man" reflected an impressive degree of enhanced flash fire protection. This benefit makes the undergarments attractive to a number of agencies outside of the military such as law enforcement, fire departments, first responders, government contractors, hazardous material response agencies and special security details.


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