Lanx Fabric Overgarments


Chemical Protective Overgarments
from the LANX family of Quality Fabrics

  • Provides liquid and vapor protection for extended work periods.
  • Can be flame resistant or non-flame resistant as required.
  • Available in woodland or desert camouflage, navy blue, black, black tactical tiger stripe, and white.
  • Special screen-printing available.
  • Can be configured to your custom design.
  • Tactically sound and logistically practical.
  • Lightweight and Launderable.
  • Good for a Minimum of Two (2) Years out of vacuum packaging.
  • Fourteen (14) Year Minimum Shelf Life.

Product Description:

A Modified LANX Type I Fabric is available for use in chemical protective duty uniforms or as a hung liner in an overgarment system.

Modified LANX Type I Fabric can be tailored into any duty uniform or overgarment design and can be manufactured in various weights offering varying degrees of chemical protection. This fabric can be combined with a multitude of shell fabrics including nylon, cotton, NYCO and aramids, to provide liquid, vapor and aerosol protection as well as flame resistance, if required.


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