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Thc Department of State, United States of America, requires that this completed form (DSP-83) be included as a part of an application for authorization to export Significant Military Equipment (SME) and classified equipment or data (22 CFR 123, 10 (d) and 125.21 ). Failure to submit may result in the application being "Returned Without Action" (R W A). The form (DSP-83) must be completed by the appropriate foreign persons (e.g., consignee, end-user, government) and forwarded to the Department of State through the U.S. person making the application.

  1. Item I. The Applicant, when submitting the form with an application, Should provide a reference to thc application ( e.g. transaction ID number on the application). The Department of State will enter the application number when the form (DSP -83) is submitted with the application. The U .S. applicant must provide the application/agreement number when the form (DSP -83) is submitted separately from the application.
  2. Item 2. Show the name of the U.S. person submitting the application to the Department of State.
  3. Item 3. Show the foreign person that will receive the articles/data for end use. A bank, freight forwarding agent, or other intermediary is not acceptable as an end-user.
  4. Item 4. Show the country in which the articles/data shall ultimately receive end-use.
  5. Item 5. Show precise quantities of the articles/data. List each article/data clearly, giving type, model number, make and (if known) U.S. military designation or national stock number. When components and spare parts are involved, fully identify the minor component, major component and end item in which they will be used (e.g. turbine blades for C-34 jet engine for F24B aircraft). Give a separate value for each major component. Values must represent only the selling price and not include supplementary costs such as packing and freight For additional articles/data use an attachment sheet that includes "quantity, description and value" and make the last line in the description block "See attachment. The attachment should include the DTC case number or a company identifier (e.g. transaction ID number).
  6. Iten1 6. To be completed by the foreign person who has entered into the export transaction with the applicant to purchase the articles/data for delivery to the end-user. This item shall be completed only if the foreign consignee is
  7. Item 7. To be completed by the foreign person, in the country of ultimate destination, who will make final use of the articles/data.
  8. Item 8. When requested by the Department of State, this item is to be completed by an official of the country of ultimate destination having the authority to so commit the government of that country.
  9. Item 9. Must be completed for any form (DSP-83), by thc U.S. person submitting the (DSP-83), to certify that no corrections, additions, or alterations were made on the form after it was signed by the foreign consignee, foreign end user or foreign government.
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