Chemical Protective Undergarment Systems Approach


Systems Approach:

The versatility of the LANX Chemical Protective Undergarment (CPU) provides an excellent foundation for multiple configuration protective systems. Some examples of these sytems include:

US Army Special Forces: Soldiers use the CPU beneath the Battle Dress Uniform(BDU), appropriate gloves, boots and respiratory protection to establish MOPP 4.

Technical Escort Unit: Members use the CPU beneath a Tyvek R "F" Suit for enhanced vapor protection and to act as back up protection in the event the outer suit is breached.

Law Enforcement: Officers wear the CPU beneath coveralls, riot gear or duty uniforms for tactical operations, crowd control or security functions.

Bomb Squads (E.O.D.): Technicians wear a CPU beneath a bomb suit to protect the integrity of their chemical protection and to optimize their maneuverability and comfort while working. Technicians also value the enhanced flash fire protection offered by the CPU in this configuration.

Joint Services Aviation: Aviation units in the Army, Navy and marines have adopted a modified CPU for wear beneath flight suits.

National Guard WMD Civil Support Teams: Team members use the CPU beneath a full range of apparel to include BDUs, Level A and Level B Suits for an additional layer of vapor protection.





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